Meet Edwin Goitia


Thanks to this industry and the strategies I use...
I enjoy the ability to earn 6 figures and beyond every year,
the opportunity to tracel the nation to exciting and interesting places,
the benefit of having more free time off to spend with loved one's and relax.DM4C5012

However it wasn’t always like that..

Rewind back in time and I used to be a frustrated, broke and struggling Brand Ambassador.

Without a doubt, being a Brand Ambassador was proving to be one of the most frustrating ways to be broke.

In fact, I distinctly remember the pain and disappointment of getting passed up
for the gigs and promotions that I really desired… by other Brand Ambassadors.

I remember shaking my head frustration..
can you imagine how I had felt?
- You Don’t Have Enough Experience (“They” have many successful gigs under their belt)
- You Don’t Have Enough Credibility (“They” have endorsements from powerful people)
- You Don’t Have Enough Time (“They” work for a fraction of the time.. and yet make more!)
- You Aren’t Computer Savvy (“They” have online brands and social followings)
- You Aren’t Winning All The Interviews You Desire To (“They” crush their interviews every time!)
Have you ever felt like one of these.. maybe a few of them?

Well they all were the rough reality for me..
In addition such common problems (for those not “in the know”) that many people face in the industry also occurred:
- Last-Minute Cancellations
- Little to no responses from agencies regarding work
Low pay
- Unable to read contracts and people getting taken advantage of because of what they don’t know
Living paycheck to paycheck
- Unable to find work in desired area of the industry

Fast Forward in Time though.. And I enjoy the benefits of being a Promo Rockstar who commands a 6 Figure Earning while living an exciting lifestyle filled with Adventure.

So how did I do it?

Well I hit a fateful period in time where ONE thing changed.. I stumbled across the “secrets” of the most highly paid and highly sought after Brand Ambassadors.
(Yes, the very secrets they don’t want you to know about.)
I began learning from Experienced Mentors with Proven success who were Inside at the top of the industry, (and perhaps the most powerful.. even ones Outside of the industry). I emerged through this breakthrough period with a toolkit and step-by-step blueprints to “Win” the Promo industry… I had learned the secret of being a Promo Rockstar. Well as they say.. the rest is history, and as you can see my resume filled Fast.

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Rock On,

Edwin Goitia
Founder of the Promo Rockstars Movement